Plant Based Stocks Have Been Soaring

Plant-based meat is on everyone’s mind.

It’s no longer an experimental category. It looks like natural meat, and it tastes like it.

I ordered a plant-based burger once by accident. I never noticed it wasn’t “real.” I loved it.

The companies producing plant-based meat are what they call “unicorns.” It means that they are worth $1 billion or more.

For example, Beyond Meat (BYND) went public in 2019 at $25 a share and a $1.5 billion valuation. Beyond Meat is one of the largest players in the plant-based meat market.

How Much Money Can You Make on Plant-Based Meat Stocks?

Early investors in Beyond Meat were already sitting on massive gains when the company went public… but investors like you and me had their day in the sun, too.

The company’s shares started trading at $25 and immediately shot to $46. In one day, they soared by 163%.

This was the biggest one-day IPO jump since 2008.

But it was just the beginning.

As of writing, Beyond Meat is trading at $125.35. This means that even if you bought the stock when the company went public, you’d make over 400% in a little over a year and a half.

Even if you bought at the closing price on the first day of trading, you’d be sitting at a 91% return.

Spotting a Trend Early Pays Off

Early investors, of course, made a killing. Kleiner Perkins, an equity firm and an early investor, saw its capital return 760x. That’s according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

That 760x return, or even the 400% investors made since IPO, could be life-changing…

But Beyond Meat is only a part of a megatrend that is unfolding.

Don’t punish yourself for not being there when Beyond went public.

See, the plant-based meat trend is in its early stages. There will be plenty of opportunities ahead.

This Trend Is Just Beginning… And It’ll Be Huge!

Bloomberg says that the plant-based trend will soar by 15x between 2018 and the end of this decade.

If plant-based meat follows the path of non-dairy milk, its market share will soar 13x.

Why are we so sure? The data says so. One-third of the US population is on a plant diet with occasional meat or fish. That’s over 100 million people.

And a lot of them have high incomes, which means they can spend more on novelty meat. This will keep companies in this market profitable.

How to Play It

Plant-based meats will be one of the hottest trends of the 2020s. You don’t want to miss out on it.

We will bring you the best opportunities this megatrend will deliver.

For now, take a look at US Vegan Climate ETF (VEGN). It holds a portfolio of 288 companies that are animal- and environment-friendly. Beyond is one of them.

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