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This Trend Will Continue In 2024

November 27, 2023

The last couple of weeks got investors worried about the future of the artificial intelligence (AI) trend…...

Clean Energy Transition Will Be the Main Driver for This Metal

November 20, 2023

Most diversified mining and smelting companies deal with aluminum in their portfolios. Their future valuation...

A Trillion-Dollar Asset Manager Sees an Investment Opportunity HERE

November 6, 2023

BlackRock, the investment firm with over nine trillion dollars in assets under management, issued an alert to...

This Technology Will Change the EV Landscape Forever

October 30, 2023

Range anxiety, high cost, lack of charging stations, safety concerns… These are the main things that...

What You Should Do During Political Crises

October 22, 2023

The conflict in the Middle East may turn into an extensive and prolonged war. It may also affect the rest of...

It Was a Tough Week, But the Long-Term Outlook Remains Bright—Market Wrap

October 15, 2023

It was a challenging week for most investors. Leading stock indices were down with increased volatility...

Oil Prices Tanked as We Expected. What’s Next?—Market Wrap

October 7, 2023

Last week, we warned our readers: “…we’re not expecting oil prices to keep growing or stay high for...